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Filters » EPD USA, INC.


    • Carbon Steel/Poly Lined, Filter System

      • 8.2sq.ft*. / 13.5sq.ft. / 16.5sq.ft. / 20sq.ft.

      The only filter in the aquatics industry that is both NSF 50 and 61 listed Lined with Primabond® polyethylene. The lining is applied by a rotational molding process that results in a monolithic lining, highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and impact.

      *8.2 sq.ft. filters are epoxy lined

    • FRP Filter System (fiberglass reinforced plastic)

      • 13.5 sq.ft. / 17 sq.ft. / 20sq.ft.* / 25sq.ft.*

      Our FRP filters are designed for use in the most corrosives environments. Made with proprietary epoxy vinylester resins, lightweight for easy retrofit in tight spaces.

      *Coming soon